Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plug: Retribution For A World Lost In Screens

I just need to post a link to the very best and smartest, yet pained rant I have read in a while. I appreciated the fire, yet felt shamed for my own state of wallow. If you go ahead and read it, keep watching Chris Hedges, he writes a lot of thought provoking material:

Retribution For A World Lost In Screens

I came across this via countercurrents, but it originated at:


And my apologies for calling a desperate plea a "rant", but really, where are we but ranting at this point?

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  1. Excellent piece Ape...I've read Mr. Hedges before and he is eloquent and usually bang on. I feel our species' current spot on the timeline is a repeat of what happened around 350 - 400 AD.The collapse of not just an empire, but a cultural force (not seen again until 'The Great American Way'); the hope for a newer, more just,enlightened power elite ( the new boss, same as the old boss); the collapse of local environments and economies...all these things have happened before.And if history tells us anything, the next 1000 years will have a penury of ...well just about everything.However, despite what horrors may lay in wait for us, history also shows us that we are resilient.