Sunday, November 1, 2009

a stick in the mud

ok, cuz we are hip deep in h1n1 or whatever, I've heard some crap that pushes me, like a burrito bowel movement to comment on needles.

my national radio released a report on a study(i.e. shitheads spent a lot of money in the name of being smart) on the repercussions of folk being afraid of getting shots. Apparently, a significant portion of the population will forgo shots, not cuz they are canny lefties, but simply cuz they pee their pants at the sight of a needle.

if you are one of these folk, pass this by, or be offended.

The people of north america are at risk of all kinds of boogies because they are too afraid to get needles.

now, remember, your average shot wouldn't even register on your hyper sensitive radar if you didn't see it going in.

remember too, a lovely walk down memory lane, to your grandparents era. they waltzed into the trenches of shots cuz their kids kept being crippled by polio, not to mention being knocked off by diphtheria and tetanus.

so, for those of you who are nervous of needles or those who have a boner for big pharma conspiracies, let's just welcome smallpox back (it's not dead, it's simply homeless).


  1. Well, I share your annoyance. But rickets is a vitamin deficiency (not enough D) and while you can inject vitamin D, there are easier ways.... And no one ever got knocked off by tinnitus--that's a constant ringing in the ears caused by damage to the eardrum, resulting from too much loud music/noise. I think you're thinking of tetanus.

  2. whoops. maybe i oughtn't type when i'm ill. perhaps i'll tidy that up a bit

  3. i think it was a freudian typo, i probably had tinnitus after i had an argument with someone trying to convince me vaccines were a conspiracy